What Are the Best High Blood Pressure Remedies?

There is no reason for any person to suffer with hypertension, as there is plenty of information available about lowering high blood pressure. There are also many remedies available, but care should be taken as to the exact treatment you should take. Whilst there are a number of drugs that can lower blood pressure, they may have side effects and therefore this article will concentrate on natural remedies, which are available to anyone. You need to keep in mind that high blood pressure is the number one predictor of heart attack and stroke and it can also be a principal cause of kidney disease. For these reasons, anything you can do to lower your blood pressure is good. However, if you have high blood pressure or suspect that you do, you must consult your doctor about the best course of treatment. You should also regularly monitor your blood pressure to ensure continued good health.

Blood Pressure and Weight:

There is little doubt that excess body weight is probably the number one high blood pressure cause. It is essential that you establish and maintain a healthy weight for your age and body type. Many people fail to consider that for each pound of body weight they add, as much as 200 miles is also added to the length of their circulatory system! Just imagine how much extra work there is for your heart, pumping blood through those extra capillaries. There are a huge number of programs aimed at reducing body weight and this will allow your body to reabsorb much of that extra tissue, including the blood capillaries. It is important to remember that regular exercise is a 'must do' part of these programs. The best thing that you can do for yourself, is reducing your weight to a healthy level "and keep it there" for a more vibrant lifestyle.

Blood Pressure and Diet:

To decrease your chances of heart attack or other coronary disease, you should commence a diet low in trans fats and cholesterol. This will help keep your circulatory system cleaner and lead to the lowering of your blood pressure. Also, reducing your salt intake is another important step in lowering high blood pressure. Increasing your potassium and calcium levels by eating foods like bananas, other fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables has been shown to have a positive impact on high blood pressure. Garlic is another beneficial spice to add to your diet, and eating beans of all kinds gives your body additional fiber and non-fatty proteins.

Blood Pressure and Smoking:

There is simply no issue here and it goes without saying: if you smoke and you have high blood pressure, you are in the highest risk category and that's it. It's kind of like running around in a lightning storm while holding a golf club over your head! Smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict and that is just  no good for you, particularly if you already have high blood pressure. The answer is to stop smoking, and the sooner the better! The beneficial effects for your system will begin to show almost immediately.

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