What Are the Signs of High Blood Pressure?

What Are the Signs of High Blood Pressure?  Signs Of High Blood Pressure:  Unfortunately, there are often no signs or symptoms associated with high blood pressure or hypertension, as it is known. You could be feeling perfectly fine and yet still be suffering from high blood pressure. The only sure method of knowing your level, is by regular monitoring and checking of your blood pressure, either at home or by a healthcare professional. By the way, it is wise avoid the "self-service" type of blood pressure machines often found in some shopping malls and other public places. These can be quite inaccurate and lead to a false...

What Are the Best High Blood Pressure Remedies?

What Are the Best High Blood Pressure Remedies?  There is no reason for any person to suffer with hypertension, as there is plenty of information available about lowering high blood pressure. There are also many remedies available, but care should be taken as to the exact treatment you should take. Whilst there are a number of drugs that can lower blood pressure, they may have side effects and therefore this article will concentrate on natural remedies, which are available to anyone. You need to keep in mind that high blood pressure is the number one predictor of heart attack and stroke,...

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